Countertop Choices: What’s your Style?

Blue Glass Countertop
This striking blue glass countertop was created for a Deephaven bathroom.

Design and budget are the key factors when selecting kitchen or bath countertops according to Matt Schmidt, co-owner and designer for AMEK. Clients usually appreciate specific characteristics of countertop options. AMEK uses all types of materials – glass, concrete, wood, granite, quartz, laminate, stainless steel, and tile. Each has its strengths and appeal.

Stone – granite, marble, or soapstone – has been used in about two-thirds of our recent projects. “Clients are drawn to stone because it’s natural, they appreciate the unique patterns and colors of each piece, there is a large range of colors available, plus it’s long lasting,” Matt notes. Quartz – manufactured from a blend of natural quartz and resins – is another common choice because of its simplicity, clean uniform finish and low-maintenance features.

Different surfaces, like adding a wood cutting area, can add depth and interest to a kitchen. “The fun part of countertops is that there are so many options from materials to colors and layouts,” said Matt.

White Granite & Quartz Waterfall Countertops
The countertops in this AMEK kitchen feature granite on the left side and quartz on the right. The white quartz also shows off a waterfall design that extends the white countertop from the top down the side.

“We once did a really cool glass countertop with blue color sandblasted underneath to give it depth and texture”.

Schmidt notes that all countertop materials are essentially long-lasting – especially when you consider the lifespan of a kitchen or how long most people live in one home. “Most of us don’t live in the same home for 40 years. If we do, we make changes and upgrades which is why I encourage clients to pick out countertop materials based on what appeals to them and fits their budget.”