Designing With Matt Schmidt, Part 2

(for part 1, see here)

Asking the right questions is a vital piece of the design process according to AMEK Custom Builders’ owner and designer Matt Schmidt. Matt and the AMEK team weigh out the project options with clients.

“We talk with clients about the pros and cons of staying where they are, moving, or building new, so they know what’s possible and the related costs. Many times, clients aren’t going anywhere because they like their neighborhood or the piece of property they live on,” Matt said.

For both sides to be patient during the design phase increases customer satisfaction. Taking time to listen, exchange ideas, be creative, and do the spatial planning are essential parts of the process so everything fits together.2014 Artisan Home Tour basement

“A majority of our clients are starting from scratch whether it’s an extensive remodeling project or a design/build home. The design process evolves as we listen to what they like as far as design tastes, their living style, and budgeting,” said Matt. “It’s common for us to completely rearrange a floor plan on an existing home. Creativity and levels of options are always part of our project but always driven by the budget.”

Another consideration is future possibilities in living style and arrangements. Matt explains, “We think in terms of flex­space and with long-­term visions for things such as having kids, aging in place, and the possibility of a mother-in-­law apartment type arrangement for parents or adult kids moving back in. We aim to build projects that are as timeless as possible, tastefully done, and that flow together.”

Because Matt and his AMEK collaboration team aim to fulfill their clients’ wish list in creative ways and to work within a budget, clients often refer AMEK Custom Builders to others and continue to enjoy their dream home.

“We often hear ‘I love my project today as much as 10 years ago when you finished it’,” Matt said. He is thrilled clients feel this way. “It’s this response that drives our company to be fully engaged in the design process with each client.”