Designing With Matt Schmidt

There’s not many people who can say they love their job. In the case of AMEK Custom Builders’ own Matt Schmidt, it’s the truth. For Matt, coming to work so he can design and build remodels and new homes is an amazing experience every day. He especially appreciates the people who help him design his projects.

“Our clients like that there’s a team of collaborators working to design their project. All of us enjoy what we do – delivering great projects to our clients,” said Matt.Red Kitchen

Matt learned a lot from building his own home more than 10 years ago. “Working through the details, schedule coordination, and budget helped me realize how to create a better process for our clients and evaluate why we liked working with specific people and companies.”

One of the most important lessons he learned is to hire specialists who are exceptional at what they do. Matt explains, “I work with people who are creative and who are true craftspeople. They all value design and they are able to look through different lenses. Together, we stretch to see what’s possible.”

Many times AMEK Custom Builders is doing things that haven’t been done before like floating glass shelves into a wall opening, designing custom layered ceilings, creating two kitchen islands with glass tiers and striking red cabinets, or moving mechanicals into curved soffits. For Matt the exciting part of his job is that each client and project he works with are unique. He thrives on the challenge to see how to put the pieces together and create something new each time.

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