Outside Damage after Winter

Paul SchmidtPaul Schmidt was recently interviewed for the April/May issue of Midwest Home in the From the Expert section:

Q: After this harsh Midwest winter, is there anything I should look for as far as damage to the outside of my home?

A:The exterior components of our home work together as a cohesive shield to protect it against the elements. Water intrusion is a destructive force that can cause damage without ever being noticed. Walk around the exterior, looking for any holes in the “protective shield.” Look for any inconsistencies, including peeling paint, discoloration in caulking, rotted wood, rusted metals, or water stains. The majority of leaks occur at the joints and corners, in windows, doors or expansion points in external walls. A leak that isn’t caught quickly can cause serious damage, soaking into insulation and wood framing, often resulting in serious structural and indoor air quality issues. If you suspect water intrusion, we recommend a comprehensive forensic investigation by trained professionals.