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Main Level Renovation

It’s not about filling space; it’s about fulfilling a lifestyle. After completing an unique lower level for this family, we were back for a main level remodeling project. We had room to work with, so it was all about how to make it function better for an active family. Take a look around! Come cook healthy meals in the sleek organized kitchen, dine in the new dining room with views of the vegetable garden (talk about food to table), be in the command center to handle today’s “to-do” lists, and pause to feed the family pets.  It’s all here with an artistic twist!

Function within the Beauty

Remodeling a home is like a puzzle.  We know the pieces, but where should they go?  In the evolution of the LifeDesign process, we changed walls and removed posts, combined rooms, and relocated the dining room.  How the pieces fit together directly correlates to how much enjoyment is released for years to come.  Family members and pets have their favorite pieces in the new layout. Which spaces appeal to you?

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