Now Showing: Oscar-Worthy Renovation

Orono Lower Level Remodel

Utiizing every inch of this Orono’s family basement, we created a personalized retreat to make staying home a 5-star experience. The premiere space earned “Best Picture” honors for its carefully edited floor plan that features the movie theater in the leading role as well as a workout area, hobby zone, guest room, bathroom, and gathering spot around the fireplace. 

Best Supporting Actors: Hobby Zone & Workout Center

Starring in supporting roles with well-lit and separate areas, the workout room and hobby center focusing on archery and paddle sports really shine in this remodel production. The time being stuffed in a dark, back hallway room to do their favorite activities has vanished. 

In addition, walls were shifted to maximize the floor plan and storage space (The camping gear needs to go some place, right?)  The guest bedroom was maintained and modifications as well as updates were made to the bathroom, staircase, and fireplace sitting area. 

Credits go to our AMEK Design + Build team for getting this amazing project “in the can” and ready to be “released” to this extremely happy family! Shhh, grab the popcorn, the movie is starting…


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