Woodbury – Delightful Deck Redesign

Construction Defect to Bigger and Better

With this spectacular deck, these Woodbury homeowners are delighted to host gatherings at their waterfront property.  This is the happy ending after a long litigation delay with the original builder. Our AMEK team provided construction knowledge and skill to navigate the process.  In the end, the deck is new and improved with better seating arrangements, proper water management systems, and architectural details to enhance the home’s style.  Relaxing never looked this good!

Demolition Leads To Opportunity

Built by another contractor, the original deck had several construction flaws causing water to seep inside the back wall of the home and down into the support columns. The centered stairs were also not properly attached.  Due to the magnitude of existing damage and safety issues, it was determined the deck needed to be removed. Along with demolition came opportunity. A reconfigured deck optimizes seating plus incorporates Minnesota-friendly iron and composite materials, Moving the stairs to both sides not only benefits deck traffic patterns, but also increases the amount of light and improves the sight lines for the lower level patio.  Now, everyone can enjoy the river views – and the screen house, hot tub, and outdoor kitchen!

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